About the Element
I love space themes and imagery, so Neptunium immediately grabbed me with its connection to the planet Neptune. The planet featured prominently int eh print is designed to resemble the gaseous planet Neptune and the space creature is, of course, a native Neptunian. While he lives it up floating around in space, the element of Neptunium is not as lighthearted. It's found in trace elements in uranium ores and is a radioactive element that is a by-product of nuclear reactors and plutonium. Neptunium is silvery in color, so when choosing colors I made the underlayer a silver metallic. In one of its oxidation states it becomes a blue-teal color, which I chose for the top layer.

About the Print
This is a two color hand printed linocut. It is printed with a water-based silver and oil-based top color ink.

About the Printmaker
Fisk And Fern

by Laura Fisk

see also: Ruthenium

Symbol: Np
Atomic number: 93
Atomic weight: 237