About the Element
Tantalum is named after Tantalus from Greek Mythology. He was King of Sipylus and much favored of the Gods. They invited him to eat with them and he was offered ambrosia – the drink of immortality. He returned their kindness, gifts, and friendship by inviting them to a banquet where he served them the dismembered body of his own son. For this and other transgressions he was sent to Hades to spend his eternity standing in water up to his neck beneath a fruit laden tree with low branches. Whenever he reached for the fruit to satisfy his hunger, the wind blew the branches beyond his reach. Whenever he bent to quench his thirst, the water would recede before he could drink

About the Print
Linoluem cut, Printed with Daniel Smith ink on Rives BFK.

About the Printmaker
My work is in private collections in North America, Europe, and Asia. A variety of my works, including paintings, prints, drawings, and animations, have been exhibited in galleries and on the Internet.

Heft Art

by Jeffrey Heft

Symbol: Ta
Atomic number: 73
Atomic weight: 180.947