About the Element
"Thulium" was named for the ancient place-name Thule, which has referred to Sweden (where Tm's discoverer Per Theordor Cleve is from) and also to Norway, Iceland and Greenland. In the days long before we could fly over in a plane and see that those places were distinct geographical locales.

About the Print
This is a photopolymer etching (solarplate etching) based on an image of a mythical northern island that I drew using Illustrator. With drypoing etching used to alter the plate before the final image was pulled. The final print I sent for the project was intaglio with Daniel Smith water-soluble oil-based ink on white BFK Rives paper.

About the Printmaker
Although formally trained as a biologist, I have long been interested in photography and printmaking. I have tried a wide variety of printmaking techniques, including linocut, monotype and collograph. But when I learned photopolymer etching (know by the trade name solarplate etching), I felt I'd found the right fit. The technique allows me to combine digital work with the wonderfully hands-on feel of mixing inks, tearing paper and pulling prints in a hand-cranked printing press.

tepitalk: adventures in printmaking

by Stephanie Mohr

see also: Antimony

Symbol: Tm
Atomic number: 69
Atomic weight: 168.934