About the Element
Samarium is a rare earth metal, with a bright silver luster, that is reasonably stable in air; it ignites in air at 150 íC. Even with long-term storage under mineral oil, samarium is gradually oxidized, with a grayish-yellow powder of the oxide-hydroxide being formed. A characteristic of Samarium that I found interesting and used as a starting point for my print is that Samarium is an 'ingredient' in carbon arc lighting, used in the motion picture industry.

About the Print
I had in mind the flickering light of a motion picture, and the silver and grey-yellow. I wanted to use a strong contrasting colour alongside these - so chose the teal green. I wished to create a semi-abstract print, creating layers of interest. I combined a series of monotype prints. There is a sketched portrait, yellow circles indicating light and a playful use of random texture. Black printers ink and various acrylic paints on printers paper.

About the Printmaker
I am a mixed media and textiles artist, currently based in Cambridge England, born in London. I studied Art theory and English literature to postgrad level, but would say my art practice is mostly self-taught. I'm interested in experimental and intuitive work. As I often use stitch and a mix of media to convey my ideas, working on this print was an interesting challenge for me. I have a site/blog at: novembermoon.com

by Cathy Cullis

Symbol: Sm
Atomic number: 62
Atomic weight: 150.36