About the Element
Cesium is a very scary element! In my research online, I found the following information:
  • it is one of the most biologically hazardous components of radioactive waste and nuclear fallout, and can be produced solely by nuclear reactions; it was released into the atmosphere by Chernobyl
  • it catches fire spontaneously in air and reacts explosively in cold water
  • when introduced into the body, it replaces potassium and is eventually fatal, and is strong enough to etch glass, flesh and bone.

About the Print
My imagery was based mainly on what I read and saw online concerning Chernobyl, and the effects of nuclear fallout. The face in the center of the image was inspired by a photo of a girl being treated for radiation poisoning, and the deformed stuffed animal floating around in the background was inspired by a photo of a small child whose limbs were missing due to genetic mutation caused by nuclear fallout. I couldn't get the image out of my head; I had to include it somehow. The two vertical lines represent the two bright blue spectroscopic lines found in cesium; the elements name in Latin Caesius, which means "sky blue" or "Heavenly blue".

About the Printmaker

by Amber A. Dye

Symbol: Cs
Atomic number: 55
Atomic weight: 132.905