About the Element
I originally picked Ruthenium because it had an intriguing name and I figured a good name had to lead to an interesting element. In reading about Ruthenium, it's a member of the platinum group and doesn't tarnish at normal temperatures. There are a few tangible things that contain Ruthenium - sometimes alloyed in gold jewelry, the turbine blades of jet engines, or the nibs of some fountain pens. A could make great images, but the fountain pen image struck me the most. Ruthenium is especially used in the (apparently) famous Parker 51 fountain pen. The pen in my printed element resembles the look of the Parker 51, which I found to be more rounded than the usual fountain tip.

About the Print
The print is a two-color hand printed woodblock print, printed with oil based inks.

About the Printmaker

by Laura Fisk

see also: Neptunium

Symbol: Ru
Atomic number: 44
Atomic weight: 101.07