About the Element
Manganese is a metal now used most often in steel alloys. It has some magnetic properties but is not permanently magnetic; in ancient Greece (the area now called Magnesia), two similar-looking minerals were called "magnes" but were assigned different genders, the female being manganese. It has been used in glass-making for many thousands of years, and was once thought to give amethyst its color.

About the Print
This print is in the traditional Japanese style of woodblock printmaking, moku hanga, using watercolors for pigment and a baren to hand-press the image. It is 4 colors, from 4 blocks

About the Printmaker
I graduated from the University of Kansas with a BFA in printmaking, and woodblock printmaking (especially moku hanga) is my special love. My dream is that someday I can squander my all my time birdwatching and carving up blocks.

by Marissa Buschow

Symbol: Mn
Atomic number: 25
Atomic weight: 54.938